2005 - Volume 46 > Numéro 3

ISSN 0035-2969

Proposition for a syntax of the feelings of justice in work the experience
François DUBET

pp. 495-528


The analysis of the feeling of injustice at work partakes of a sociology of the normative activity of the individuals. In this article, we try not only to define the situations and the inequalities perceived as being just or injust, but we also try to draw the principles of justice that can be considered as the normative dimensions of the logics of action effective in all work experiences. We shall distinguish three major principles : equality, desert and autonomy. These principles constitute the basic elements of the normative syntax of the feelings of justice. On one hand, these principles define the pertinent inequalities. On the other hand, as they are necessarily linked together and antagonistic at the same time, these principles of justice generate a set of criticisms and arrangements which are the frame of the normative activity of the actors in their work experiences. This article proposes a few hypothesis.



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