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An Annual English Selection - 2001 - 42 - Supplement

Around Dominique Monjardet’s Sociologie de la force publique. Recent Books and Articles in French in the Field of Sociology of the Police

Pierre FAVRE



pp. 175-186


In 1997 and 1998 several books were published in French on the sociology of the police. Two of these works, both published in Quebec, have essentially practical or programmatic aims ; a collection in homage to Lode Van Outrive, published in Belgium, contains only a few articles on the police, some of outstanding quality. Finally, the work published in France by D. Monjardet, the most important French sociologist of the police, offers a remarkable synthesis of twelve years of research. Using a truly exemplary sociological approach, Monjardet analyzes the characteristics of police work and the police profession in France, demonstrating the weakness of the political authority’s control over the police and elucidating the mechanisms that give the police its considerable operational freedom within society. At present Monjardet’s work is the main French reference in this field, one that is developing considerably in France.



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