2000 - Volume 41 > Numéro 2

ISSN 0035-2969

Literature, sociology, and literature sociology. In relation to sociological readings of À la recherche du temps perdu
Florent CHAMPY


Can a sociological theory be made apparent when it is underlying a literary text ? Based on the analysis of three recent works proposing sociological interpretations of À la recherche du temps perdu, the author shows that such an undertaking would have gained from being preceded by some reflection on the literary writing and sociological writing as well as on the aims of Proust. This widening of the preoccupations into research on the writer (in addition to the text) would paradoxically show the interest in taking into account the results of textual analysis with its stylistic and narratology elements, while not considering the fictional Proust world as a reality, and the text, which allows us to find out about him, as a simple objective report.



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