1996 - Volume 37 > Numéro 3

ISSN 0035-2969

Institutional dynamics and territorial political culture : the metropolitan city of Bologna
Bernard JOUVE
Christian LEFÈVRE

pp. 369-396


In reply to a law dating from 1990, Bologna decided to endow itself with an urban centre institution in order to become a « global city » capable of cooperating and competing with European areas at the same level. Situated in the Italian administrative and political context where for the last few decades, the local authorities have had a reserved even opposed tedency towards the numerous reforms for the territorial organisation of the country, this institution is in itself an innovation for which a few explanations would be helpful. The production of this institution is apprehended through its recognition process. It is therefore necessary to put forward the collective representations and the social codes applied or created, by certain political actors in order to justify this public action. The authors insist on the fact that the recognition process can only be understood if placed inside the context of social and political relations which structure a town like Bologna.



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