1997 - Volume 38 > Numéro 3

ISSN 0035-2969

Sorting and controls on salary workers in organizations : some of the confusions between economics and sociology
Bernard GAZIER

pp. 525-552


This article takes a look at a number of central components in work relations and shows how in France, over the last twenty years, the analysis of these components has made apparent several areas of common ground between economics and sociology. Three inputs are systematically used : employability, strategic power and rationality, enterprise culture. Well apart from the expected complementarity and competition between the two disciplines, contributions and specializations actually show their strong mutual dependence. This can be observed in a series of related torsions and polarizations, which concepts developed in a given national and disciplinary context undergo, when they are imported, mobilized or re-treated in a different context. It appears that economists and sociologists implied in this process, making use of the wide areas of common ground, have either not been able to, or not wanted to, bring forward and into debate the close dependence which has appeared between these two disciplines.



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