1998 - Volume 39 > Numéro 2

ISSN 0035-2969

France-Germany : unequal advances for women
Catherine MARRY Annick KIEFFER Hildegard BRAUNS Susanne STEINMANN

pp. 353-389


This paper measures and interprets the progression of school achievements and participation of women in the labor force in France and Germany. Up to now, for these countries, comparisons of the relationships between education, training and work had mostly focused on men. Based on large scale national surveys, we detect stronger advances in France. In 1971 as well as in 1991, gendered inequalities in education and training are wider in Germany. At all ages and for all education levels, German women, as soon as they become mothers, are less present on the labor market. These differences can be traced back to German economic and education history, that have been more organized for men. The importance of a corporatist occupational and educational system in this country would entail a more rigid gendered division of work than in the school system and rank achieved by women in general education in France.



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